Ferguson Gallery & Studio

Nautical Antique Showroom
(Inside) Ferguson Gallery & Studio
5890 East Harbor Road
Marblehead, OH 43440
(419) 734-0600

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

Ship Wheel with Rope Barrel (late 1800's)

Dake Engine Co. Steering Station

Mechans Limited Engine Room Telegraph

Great Lakes Engineering Works Hatch Cover

Acetylene Car Headlamp (c.1920)

A. Ward Hendrickson Masthead Light

Bristol Brass Co. "Birdcage" Anchor Light

"Prefferd" Unit Steam Generator Gauge Board

German Pilot House Binnacle

Ship Name Board from "Santa Isabel"

Life Size - Mahogany Indian Wood Carving

Ship Running Light

Tarpon Mount

Sailors Knot/Macrome Picture Frame

Set of Brass Portholes

Framed Lithographs (c.1902)

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